Complete Ketogenic Diet – Is it worth it?

Hello! Are you interested in the topic of ketogenic diet? Do you want to know what are its advantages and disadvantages, rules, menu, average weight loss, supplementation, macronutrients, hazards, as well as many other valuable information about the di
et, which for some time has risen to the heights and conquers the Internet?

At the end I present my results after using this diet for a month.

If so, I invite you to an article about the diet of all time. Ketogenic diet, or so-called low-carbohydrate diet. The basis in this diet as you can guess is to lower the level of carbohydrates and increase the amount of fat absorbed by us. This diet is very often used by athletes in the reduction period, because by reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the blood we do not have glucose resources and our body begins to look for a source of energy, and where does it find it? Exactly! In the form of adipose tissue. * Voilà *. Reduce carbohydrates, but how much? The best way is not to exceed 50g because we need all that for normal thinking.

How to start? The most effective, but also the most demanding way for our body will be a sudden reduction of carbohydrates to 0.5g per kilogram of body weight, followed by a gradual increase up to the recommended 50g as a last resort to 80g of carbohydrates in the diet. We must be careful, because sudden reduction of carbohydrates to this level may cause drowsiness, weakness and dizziness, so we should contact a doctor and find out if there are any contraindications to use this diet with us.

Now a bit about macro nutrients …

To enter the state of ketosis, we should take the following calories: 5% – carbohydrates, 25-30% protein, 70% fat.

If you do not have time to sit and calculate everything on a piece of paper, I can recommend the application, which to a great extent facilitates the speech here is about Fitatu. It is an application that allows you to scan a product using a bar code and camera, and then automatically add it to the selected meal, which makes macronutrients counting much simpler and more enjoyable. Another advantage will be that we determine macro nutrients themselves, and they are not in any way the manner imposed, we can set our own goals and intentions that will be the motivation and indicator of whether our diet gives us the desired results.

Fats but what? Certainly not those delivered from junk food! The fats that you supply must be healthy, but it does not mean that they are supposed to be unpalatable 🙂

Examples of fat sources:

-a greasy steak, sausage, bacon, pork knuckle, lard, salami, butter with high fat content, avocado, olive oil, oil (coconut,

MCT), peanut butter (I love !!!), chocolate, cocoa 99%, of course nuts, fish (mackerel, cod, salmon, trout), eggs, cheese (feta, mascarpone, mozzarella, Swiss, goat, sheep, Camembert and mold), as well as Omega 3 and fish oil supplements.Complete Ketogenic Diet – Is it worth it?

Protein sources can be: cottage cheese, eggs, beef, veal, lamb and chicken.

Now a bit about carbohydrates, the fact that we have to limit them does not mean that we have to eliminate them completely;): The main sources in this diet will be vegetables like spinach, red peppers, broccoli, celery, peas, lentils and chickpeas. Fruit … You must pay special attention to them during this diet, because they should be very limited and adding them to the menu will be a difficult task, but possible and it is just beautiful in the diet, everything is possible if you want. Examples of such fruits will be: raspberries, plums, blueberries, strawberries, peaches and 100% of the most recommended avocados, which will be the best choi


What can we definitely not eat on this diet? An example will be sweets, sweet syrups, ice cream, honey and other products containing large amounts of sugars, in particular simple ones.

A menu in a low-carbohydrate diet should be based mainly on wholesome and natural products, I recommend avoiding processed products.

As you can see, we have great opportunities to create delicious dishes, just a little creativity and our diet will change into something without which you will not be able to live 🙂


Sample menu:


I. Beef in olive oil wit

h broccoli and paprika

II. Scrambled eggs with butter bacon + legumes

III. Chicken with broccoli + a pinch of Himalayan salt (the most recommended)

IV. Cottage cheese, carrots or other vegetables

V. Smoked trout with vegetables

Snack: A handful of almonds + finely chopped vegetables


I. Scrambled eggs in butter with s


ausage, mushrooms and paprika.

II.Scab stewed with the addition of onions, broccoli, carrot and rapeseed oil + Omega 3 in a capsule

III. Smoked salmon with onion + vegetables

IV. Salad with mayonnaise, Greek yogurt, olive oil and chicken with vegetables.

V. 2 rice wafers with peanut butter + protein supplement

Snack – unsalted nuts and chocolate containing 99% cocoa

Remember to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals available for purchase such as magnesium B6, vitamin C, zinc, Omega 3 and the rest of vitamins that can be purchased as a multivitamin for athletes in the package.

I will not elaborate a plan for the whole week, because in my opinion this is pointless, this diet gives such a huge possibility that everyone who devotes 5 minutes will be able to make a menu that suits him best. Support the aforementioned products, try to make sure that every meal has some vegetable and guarantees that you will see the results faster than you think;)

Important factors of this diet:

Consume a large amount of water – assimilate as much as we need, and the rest we excrete.

We leave the protein intake moderate at a constant level of 2 / 2.5g / kg body weight

As we increase the level of fat delivered to a very high level, people who have problems with the liver and kidneys must be careful with this diet, and preferably give up for another, which you will definitely find in the near future on my blog.

The main carbohydrate distributor in this diet are vegetables (about 1 kg = 50g of carbohydrates)

– Do not use for more than 2-3 months

Why is it worth it? Advantages:

– Transparency of the mind, better remembering and greater concentration over the work being done

– At the time no desire for carbohydrates = no desire to eat sweets.

-Rice brain regeneration * Increased release of melatonin and increase of growth hormone secretion

-He has a large dose of energy after a meal and no fatigue

– If we do not sleep enough, we do not feel much fatigue.

-Don’t feel any energy drops during the day, we still have the strength to act!

-Our body burns body fat faster!

-We fish fat all the time, because we are in a state of ketosis

No artificial hunger caused by a leap of glucose in the blood, a feeling of fullness

Now a little about the disadvantages:

– A smaller desire to training (especially at the beginning, with time the organism adapts)

– Time of 6-8 weeks (possibility of dizziness and hunger attacks at the beginning of diet)

– Designed for people with willpower

-Roads the kidneys and liver (2-3 months max)

– Weight lost in ketosis likes to go up, if we go too fast for large doses of carbohydrates, so we have to keep a cool head and do not eat too many sweets, or at least in large quantities immediately after the diet, then everything will be fine 🙂

How do you check the level of ketosis in your blood? 1) Blood test 2) Urine test using a strap (available at a pharmacy) that changes its color to magenta depending on the amount of ketone in the urine, although it is not as accurate as a blood test much easier to do, and we read the results from a specially prepared scale.

I think I have described the diet in a good way and no one will have a problem introducing it to their own lives.

A month ago, the belly was only flat, there was no muscle or vein visible 🙂

Here are my results:

To sum up: This diet gives very high results and is one of the best discovered so far, but it requires a lot of self-denial and discipline, which I think is worth it, because the effects come very quickly compared to other diets, which means that many people stand up to end and enjoys the dream figure that I wish you.

Write what you think about this diet, will you decide to apply it yourself, or have you already done it? What are your experiences? Be sure to share this with us in the commentary. If you have any questions, please write to me on my e-mail or on my fanpage below and I will gladly help you. I greet and wish you success! Patryk

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