7 Books Everyone Has To Read At Least Once In Their Lives (As soon as you can)

Hello everyone! Today I would like to present you 7 books after reading my life has changed forever and I think that everyone should read it as soon as possible!

Interested? Of course, you respect your valuable time so without unnecessary prolongation here is a list of books that I think everyone should read at least once in their life!


The 4-Hour Workweek Tim Ferriss

I think that this is a book that should come to everyone on the shelf and it’s as soon as possible, because although the title may seem a little frivolous, some will say sucked out of the finger, this book really gives the opportunity to achieve such a model of work, And most importantly, even if not everybody will succeed, no one will look at their mode of operation and time will be given to him in the way he has done so far. It is a very extensive book, having hundreds, if not thousands, of notes that facilitate the achievement of a calm and organized plan of work, and even life can be said. Despite all the overload of information, the form in which it was presented by Tim Ferris provides us with a lot of excitement and amazing reading experience . After each chapter, the author leaves us with various reminders, tasks that we must face and notes to help organize all the acquired knowledge. Sometimes when I read this book I can not understand how the author was able to collect such a mass of valuable and life advice in one book … If you have not had any contact with this book, I encourage you to read it!



7 Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen M R Covey

This is a book showing us 7 habits that will provide us with a balanced and automated private and professional life. It makes it easier for us to make difficult decisions, the way we approach them and change the viewpoint by 180 degrees. We will start to perceive everything as if we were just new, the problems will cease to exist, because the author can explain everything in such a way that after reading the book stupid tormenting with such trivial and unimportant matters that life will be simply unhelpful and completely unnecessary. I encourage everyone to read this book, because after the first 100 pages people in your company will start to notice the differences that have taken place and will find out where only the respect of self-control and willingness to help others comes from.



Rich Dad Poor Dad- Robert Kiyosaki

The Rich Do not Work For Money

The Rich Invent Money

Work to learn. Do not Work for Money

Still Want More? Here are Some to Do’s

These types of things are discussed in this book, and the book itself, most importantly, will teach you incredible respect for your time and the way you sell it. The author shows that everything depends on the approach and explains that everyone can become rich if he really wants it, and he knows that money does not give happiness. Things are a tool that makes life easier and people who do not understand it simply do not belong to the percentage of people who deserve it.

If you are still wondering whether it is worth buying this book, I assure you that yes! Maybe it will not make you a Billionaire after the first reading, but it will certainly teach you how we should relate to the money and how to make our income grow during relatively decreasing work time. It is not easy, but reading is a good basis to start this process.



Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE by Phil Knight

It is a book showing the history of a man who despite many difficulties created an amazing brand known throughout the world. The author shows his way in which to approach the creation of beautiful things, refers to how to oppose and deal with difficulties in the initial and later phases of our business. This book gives an incredible motivation, because as we can see for ourselves, in reading Phil Knight from an ordinary, simple guy from a small city having a passion for running turned into someone who thanks to his determination and willingness to change people’s approach to what they assume each day, together with a group of very specific, we could say strange people created something extraordinary. The author shows in a very blunt way that he was never a businessman and he did not want people to receive him like that. He just had the determination, crazy idea and a small amount of money borrowed from his father, and even this did not stop him and did not stop because he knew that there really is nothing to lose, his business model was that if something is Do not let it go it will be quick and painless to start everything from the beginning as soon as possible. He never let a gradual fall always put everything on one card, and maybe it’s just shaped the legend of his person, and hence the company, enjoying enchantment and respect around the world. I encourage you to read in your free time, the book is an incredible motivation and shows how important it is to never give up our dreams, and when you get an idea in your head, we must try to achieve it at all costs, even if we know that the chances of its success is weak, because what can really happen? After all, you can always fail to draw conclusions and try again, until one day we wake up and say … Damn! I really did it! Then you will understand that it was not just the victory that gave you the most happiness but the process through which you had to go to achieve it.



Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

Another reading that I think that every person should read and as soon as possible is GTD David Allen. This book is really an amazing compendium of knowledge about how we should get to practically everything. From planning the purchase of new furniture, to building a company worth billions. The way in which the author shows the approach to the tasks is extremely interesting, you do not even know how much the way in which we plan our future activities and the place in which it will be carried out has an unimaginable impact on the success of the entire project. If you consistently follow the advice contained in reading in your life, peace will be found, and you will suddenly find that tasks that you found impossible to achieve at a given time will be performed without thinking about them. The author tries to help us at every stage from organizing our desk, to changing our approach to the whole world around us and the work we do to make it as effective as possible. The book is certainly not one of those that reads to sleep, it is rather a kind of Bible, for which every man who respects his work should find some valuable time to dedicate himself to the book in full concentration, and what we receive will surprise us often in life and we will wonder why I have only read it now, after all it would protect me from so many stupid decisions that I made but just … why? Do not waste your time because you need to know one thing you can become a billionaire then go bankrupt and be up to 10 times in a lifetime, but the time you spend on an activity will never come back, no matter how many zeros you have on your bank account. ..



Eat That Frog !: Twenty-one Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time by Brian Tracy

This book is the best way to change into a superman with extraordinary ability to organize work, in a short time with a person having problems washing dishes after dinner, which will make it more pleasant and, thanks to the division of tasks indicated by the author, we will never say that no we have time for something or that the task is unfeasible. The author’s way of doing everything is to divide the main task into subtasks, which he calls frogs, some are small and others big. The success is to start with the biggest, thickest and ugliest frogs in the morning, when you go to the more pleasant ones (smaller ones), they will seem trivial and trivial to you, because you did something much harder at the very beginning. Of course, although the book is very short, which in my opinion is its advantage, I will not summarize it here in full, because the way in which the author presented it is so interesting that I think everyone should have it in their collection.



The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

It is a book with a slightly, and even a very controversial title, therefore I decided to leave it at the end. The best at the end? We’ll find out … I do not think you’re a believer in God or you should be interested in this title for one simple reason, maybe not just to turn away from your faith, but if you think it’s everything is so simple and obvious what harms you to try, or maybe you will discover the bottom of this book, which in my opinion is very interesting.

This is not a reading for small children for goodnight, in which the author will write that there is something missing because that’s just the way it is! You will find interesting topics that are documented with specific arguments, which means that after reading you feel like someone has finally opened your eyes. The author will not convince you of anything, he just presents what the situation looks like from the point of view of science and what is the real evidence for something, and what is just ordinary cock and bull story.. I am not a believer myself, and I am not saying that this book had a colossal influence on it, but I noticed a certain thing, although many people remain in faith after reading it, some will never be the same again when they notice some ambiguity about Christianity or another religion and they will understand that it does not really play anything here … Perhaps these are just my strange assumptions, but you will do well as you like. In my opinion, it is worth trying to get interested in the subject of this book, because it is a collection of very valuable knowledge that will broaden your horizons in the topic of free expression about your views. Remember life is too short to be afraid of certain things, and worse, to sacrifice it on the propagation of erroneous or not fully confirmed beliefs that they were true without having the slightest idea about certain things 🙂


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