How to build muscle and stay fit?


Many people training in the gym are wondering how to build pure muscle mass without accumulating unnecessary fat. There are several ways to do this, which I will try to discuss in brief in the following article. If you are a person who wants to build muscles, you are certainly aware that despite the fact that on a reducing diet our body looks fantastic, often despite all efforts, spending hours at the gym, the effects of muscle building are usually mediocre and certainly not satisfactory. That this diet is usually used during the holiday season in order to emphasize the muscles built during the remaining three seasons. The reduction diet has been presented in the previous two articles on the Keto Diet and ways to quickly burn fat, which you can find on my website, but this the article is dedicated to this period between holiday so now I can go to the main content if you want to learn how to do so-called „good mass”, I invite you to my article.

The first way will be a very simple technique that will give you very good results with minimal fat increase. If you are involved in the gym in a sufficient way, you probably know how to calculate such important macronutrients, because maybe not everyone knows a well-chosen diet is 70% of success, so if you do not have a well-balanced diet, of course there is not much left on which, by entering your weight and height and other important factors, you will be able to choose the right demand for you. You only need just a 5 minutes and you will be able to change your life diametrically. So where to start:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your parameters 🙂 To start a good diet mass should be selected in the Calorie Boost options which will provide the right balance on building initial muscle mass.
  3. Download applications to count macronutrients and fill it with the data created for you The best I’ve ever found: ), or save in the notebook the value of the products you eat and mix in the daily range 🙂 This is maybe a bit more time-consuming, but it gives a lot more satisfaction.
  4. Stay on the set criteria and you will see that the form will come faster than it seems to you 🙂




Another way is the so-called recomposition, which is based on the fact that we are able to build muscle with as low fat as possible, the way to it is as previously mentioned refined diet and in addition you can add your cardio strength plan on non-workout days that will allow you to keep a sculptured figure while increasing muscle mass. For example, you can start running, which will help you build a great athletic figure. The reasons why you should choose to run is the fact that it helps you oxygenate your body while improving your concentration and mood.


Of course, not everyone has to like running, so the next thing you can do in this direction are, for example, fat-burning training on the internet or for more ambitious and persistent so-called  „Intervals”. I won’t write a training plan here that can help you because there are lots of great training on the internet that are popular with many recommendations of millions of people. My favorite in the case of cardio training is:


In contrast, interval training, which I highly recommend:


At the very beginning, it can be difficult to do all the training, but do not worry, you will do as much as you are, and you will be able to go further and further until it will be a pleasure for you and it will be even more enjoyable for sure looking at your body every morning 🙂


I think that thanks to the above methods you will be able to build the perfect figure, and in addition you will progress in the gym, I wish you with all my heart, because there really is nothing better than a mass diet that allows you to keep a constant smile on your face (who doesn’t like eat well? ), and in addition, provides the largest increases in the gym throughout the entire training cycle.


Now all that remains is to adapt the above steps to your life, and forgetting that once we had to choose between a well-sculpted figure and large biceps <3

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